Hyampom Ranch for sale by owner
Aprox 200 acres, 3 houses, river access, flat growing areas

Hyampom ranch for sale by owner: Trinity County, Northern California: Mountain land & property

FSBO - Off grid ranch, solar system, batteries, backup power, solar hot water, multiple houses, equipment, tools

Vehicles and Equipment
GMC Duramax
Hydraulic log splitter
Polaris ATV
Dump truck

Ferrari Cobram Tractor

Enclosed cab articulating tractor imported from Italy, popular with grape producers. Compact but powerful (45 HP), 3 point hitch for hydraulic attachments.

- Enclosed cab with AC
- 23 speed sychronized transimision
- 45 horsepower
- 4x4
- Articulated steering
- Bi-directional - iso diametric wheels.

We are leaving a box scraper that will help you keep your roads in good shape, a front loader bucket and an auger with a 12" bit for post holes and a 36" bit for planting established plants / trees. Lots of extra fuel filters.

Valued around $30,000 w/attachements

Infrastructure and systems
Cell / Internet
8KW solar system
Energy storage
Power room
Spring system
Water storage
Solar hot water

Farmland, Gardens & Orchards
Orchard in yard
Orchard West
Veggie Garden
Large flat fields

Buildings and houses
Main house
Swimming pool
Guest house 1
Guest house 2

Property Features
 Exclusive river access
 Back entrance to historic bridge
 Multiple springs
 Multiple creeks on property
 Additional building sites