Hyampom Ranch for sale by owner
Aprox 200 acres, 3 houses, river access, flat growing areas

Hyampom ranch for sale by owner: Trinity County, Northern California: Mountain land & property

FSBO - Off grid ranch, solar system, batteries, backup power, solar hot water, multiple houses, equipment, tools

Farmland, Gardens & Orchards
Orchard in yard
Orchard West
Veggie Garden
Large flat fields

Gardening on the farm

Land and farms in Trinity County can produce a large variety of food because of its climate. Hyampom gets the best of this. Elevation on the farm is 1270 above sea level. We produce vegetables, fruit (including some citrus) and herbs, we also have a few walnut trees. Basic staples all grow great here given the proper attention. Below is a list of things we've grown.

Veggies: Corn, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, artichoke, kale (grows nearly 365 days a year!), chard, lettuce (spinach and all greens), carrots, peas, beans, onions, garlic and more

Herbs: Basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, sage, rosemary,

Established fruit trees: Figs, persimmon, apple, pear, cherry, peaches, plum - several varieties of each. There are also three walnut trees, one has been producing its first nuts.

Berries: We have raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, boysenberries, huckleberries and grapes.

Not bad for the first year in the new garden. The net was to keep the birds out and provide shade. Trinity county is extremely sunny and our solar exposure on the ranch is super high!

Building the veggie garden
We did all the landscaping around the house in local rock, so we decided to keep that theme with the garden terraces. Here is the first one being built. All soil brought in was organic. We ended up with three terraces and added another area with several raised beds and a large coldbox for getting the spring starts ready and also to grow winter greens. It is about 8' by 20' long and filled with organic soil.

The garden is completely fenced to keep the deer out. We used extra high fencing to make sure the deer could not get in and eat our garden. In the past that was an on-going problem for us.

Second terrace being built

We probably purchased close to $20,000 in organic soil and delivery from various local companies.

Property Features
 Exclusive river access
 Back entrance to historic bridge
 Multiple springs
 Multiple creeks on property
 Additional building sites

Buildings and houses
Main house
Swimming pool
Guest house 1
Guest house 2

Vehicles and Equipment
GMC Duramax
Hydraulic log splitter
Polaris ATV
Dump truck

Infrastructure and systems
Cell / Internet
8KW solar system
Energy storage
Power room
Spring system
Water storage
Solar hot water

Perspective showing the main house in relationship to the "Yard orchard," "Veggie garden," and the "Orchard West." There is another orchard by the barn with some of the biggest fig trees we have. You can also see one of three very large flat fields. There is another one beyond this, and a smaller one below the water tanks.