Hyampom Ranch for sale by owner
Aprox 200 acres, 3 houses, river access, flat growing areas

Hyampom ranch for sale by owner: Trinity County, Northern California: Mountain land & property

FSBO - Off grid ranch, solar system, batteries, backup power, solar hot water, multiple houses, equipment, tools

Infrastructure and systems
Cell / Internet
8KW solar system
Energy storage
Power room
Spring system
Water storage
Solar hot water

Evacuated tub solar hot water heatk

Evacuated tube solar hot water techonology from SunMaxx on roof of main house. Water heat is kept in a regular hot water tank before running through a modulating on-demand hot water heater (so if the water needs to be only 1 degree higher a very small flame would fire, but if you needed to raise the temp 20 degrees a larger flame would fire - keeping propane usage down to a minimum)

Vehicles and Equipment
GMC Duramax
Hydraulic log splitter
Polaris ATV
Dump truck

Buildings and houses
Main house
Swimming pool
Guest house 1
Guest house 2

Property Features
 Exclusive river access
 Back entrance to historic bridge
 Multiple springs
 Multiple creeks on property
 Additional building sites

Farmland, Gardens & Orchards
Orchard in yard
Orchard West
Veggie Garden
Large flat fields

Power is burried underground in massive cable and goes into the salt water batteries in the power-room in the workshop beside the house. These batteries are Aquion S30s and we started with an install of 12. When we heared that Aquion was in chapter 11, we bought 4 more of these for a total of 16.

Spring water system: The best tasting water on earth comes from mountain springs and this property has more than one. Our springs are quite a way up the mountain so we benefit from gravity flow, which means if we lose electricity, the water is still running. We ran two series of polypipe down the mountain for back up. If a line freezes or a bear or other problem occurs with one pipe, you can switch the line while repairs are made.

Water storage, irrigation and fire fighting water: We have 10,000 gallons of potable water storage in four 2500 gallon water storage tanks. We have thousands of gallons of water tanks for irrigation or fire defense purposes. Lines have been sent in various directions for agriculutral purposes. Fire fighting equipmentThe ranch comes with two pumps, a multi-quip with vairous outputs and also a volume pump, lots of firehose, nossles and fittings. We have fought fire here and recommend putting a water tank on the diesel pickup we are leaving with the ranch to act as a small fire truck.